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Bird houses

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Bird houses

Bird housesIf you like to have some birds around your home and love to hear their sweet songs, then you may want to put some bird houses in your trees. However when deciding to do this, you want to be sure that you have enough, but at the same time not too many.

The types of birds that will likely nest in your yard or property are usually determined partly by the habitat that you have supplied for them. If you have a lot of trees or shrubs in your neighborhood and yard, you most likely will attract all the forest-loving birds.

On the other hand, if you want to attract different birds than that, it is likely that open expansive fields will attract different ones. Obviously, there are some factors that are hard to overcome regardless of your desire to have birds around.

No matter how wonderful a house you built for these flying friends, they will most likely not set up their home in your yard if you happen to live on a treeless prairie. If, for example, you have a mixture of habitats, you may be able to attract a great number of birds to houses as well as to your feeders.

This is because no two birds are completely alike and they have different tastes. If you can cater to at least some of the tastes of many different kinds of birds, you will be well off.

On thing that you need to be aware of is the fact that many birds tend to establish territories of land and trees where they actually simply will not tolerate other birds being nearby. Birds aren’t viewed by most outsiders as being territorial, but the truth is there are many birds who would hate nothing worse than to have to share with others.

Some types of birds allow other species of birds to share their territory. Still other birds, such as Tree Swallows or Purple Martins, love to have lots of other birds of the same type around. It really depends on the type of bird you are talking about when you try to decide what to do.

In an effort to help decide how many birdhouses to put up, you can find charts that talk about which birds are most prevalent in certain areas and if they are territorial or not. Remember, you do not have to put up the exact same house for each bird that comes along. You actually can put up a number of houses for different types of birds.

Birds can be a bit choosy in their future home. Some will inspect several houses before deciding on a particular one. There are certain things that particular birds may look for. However you can increase your chances of having a bird populate one of your homes by doing something as simple as making sure that there is food readily available.

You may wish to give the birds a few to look over in your yard, knowing that only one will be occupied. By giving them a choice, you might keep them from choosing that other one in your neighbor's yard.

As time goes by, with a little bit of effort and luck, you will be able to include birds in each one of your bird houses. If you have shown that you can successfully house a few birds, more will gradually come along as well.


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